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Dear Parents/Guardian and Students,

As we continue this journey of eLearning, the School Board has made some final decisions on the rest of this school year. The School Board has decided to finish out the school year by continuing the eLearning platform. We will have a drop-off/pick-up day next Friday, April 24th. This will be the last drop-off/pick-up day for the year. I am still working on how all materials will be handed in the last week of school, May 11-14, with more information to come out next week.

We have made the decision to have Prom on July 17th. If there are restraints on how many people can be in the gym at that time, we will cancel Prom for this year. More information will come out in the future on this. We have also scheduled Graduation on July 26th, at 2 pm. Hopefully we will be able to have the full ceremony with all our friends and family in attendance. If there are restrictions on the number of people in the gym at that time, we will have a ceremony with only students and faculty that would be on the stage, plus parents of each senior. We would then Facebook live it and show it over Zoom as well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can have a full ceremony and honor our kids for their accomplishment on graduating school.

Mrs. Weigel has reached out to all sophomores and juniors to begin registration. Please visit with your child(ren) to make sure they are enrolling in classes. We need to have all ITV and online student numbers in ASAP.

We will continue sack lunches until the last day of school. May 14th.

Thank you to all our students, parents, families, and staff for working together to make the best of this difficult situation. Stay safe and continue with social distancing.

Richard Bjerklie, Superintendent