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Dear Parents/Guardian and Students,

On Friday, April 10th, we will have a drop-off/pick-up assignments day at the school. Teachers have notified the students to which classes will be dropping off and picking up new packets. Here is a list of classes that will definitely be doing this.
  • 1st Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 4th and 5th Title Students
  • Grades 7-10 Math classes

When you enter the front door, we will have tables with bags on them. Each one will have students' names on the bags. Please pick up the appropriate bag and drop off the appropriate materials in the appropriate boxes. Make sure your child’s materials are in a bag so nothing is lost. I will also be here to monitor and make sure everything is done in an efficient manner. Remember, we will be practicing social distancing, so if you see someone in the entryway wait outside or in your vehicle until they are done.

As we follow the school calendar, we will NOT have school on Friday, April 10th or Monday, April 13th. We will NOT serve meals on these days either. Please be aware of this.

Looking into the future, we will have another drop-off/pick-up day on Friday, April 24th. If things continue this way, we will have all students return all school supplies (books, computers, iPads, etc) on Thursday, May 14th. More information about this will be provided in the future.

One last thing, Prom and Graduation have officially been pushed into the summer. We will keep following the Governor’s directions to when we can open the school building and what the regulations are for how many people can be in the gym at a time. More information about this will come out in the future as well.

Stay safe and continue to practice “Social Distancing”.

Richard Bjerklie, Superintendent